Gemini Festival - June 15th-17th, 2007 - Northern California

This event was, as expected, beyond all expectations. Seriously, this was one of the
best times experienced by everyone in our AZ caravan. More words, pictures, video, etc.
to come. Every DJ with us had great sets, every DJ the entire weekend was awesome, and
the camping environment couldn't have been better. The river, the beach, the sun, the 
forest, etc. And all with the addition of a HUGE soundsystem, plus a smaller system
away from the big noise for a chill area (very nice). Hundreds of smiling, happy people
swimming, talking, dancing, eating and drinking in the restaurant/saloon, and having a
very good time. Plus there were showers, real showers, to get cleaned up in. This is an
excursion that will be an annual event for us. Thanks to everyone who made the journey
with us, and we'll see you next year.

More info can be found on the Geomagnetic website.


FRIDAY NIGHT - SATURDAY MORNING (Scroll Down for Full Bio for the Artists/DJs)

8 pm Nagual ( Phoenix Family ) [San Diego]
9pm Jeto ( Psytribe ) [LA]
10pm Kri ( Touch Samadhi ) [North Carolina]
11pm Collision ( Mind Outpsyde) [Iowa]
12am Primeordial Ooze ( Touch Samadhi/Divine Balance Rec. ) [Illinois]
1am Facehead ( ) [Pennsylvania]
2am Shotu ( Hadra / AP Rec. ) LIVE & DJ SET [FRANCE]
4am Konflux ( Psytribe ) [LA]
5am Medi-monks ( Touch Samadhi ) [North Carolina]
6am Dragon ( Touch Samadhi / Vortex ) [Mississippi]
7am Shagee ( Esoteric Gen) [Arkansas]
8am Mulu (Paragon Family) [Arcata, CA]
9am Helios ( / Magic Glasses ) [San Francisco]
10am Rob-Ot ( Phoenix Family / Psy-Booty Rec. ) [San Francisco]
11am N ick Synergy (OverMindWorks) [Arizona]
12pm Takuan ( Phoenix Family / Touch Samadhi ) [Santa Cruz]


SATURDAY NIGHT - SUNDAY MORNING (Scroll Down for Full Bio for the Artists/DJs)

5pm Michael Liu ( Secret Psychedelia ) [San Jose]
6pm Spyros ( Psytribe ) [LA]
7pm Solomoon ( Metameme ) [Colorado]
8pm Random ( ) [San Francisco]
9pm Shapestatic ( / GiainMind Rec. ) [North Carolina]
10pm Wichdokta ( Full Circle / Phoenix Family ) [Ukiah]
11pm Kali ( Fractal Rec.) LIVE & DJ SET [ SPAIN]
1am Aktif (Mind Outpsyde)[Iowa]
2am Dia ( Psytribe )[ LA/Japan]
3am Brains ( Mubali,Bodhisattva, and Arahat ) [Illinois/SanDiego]
4am Moksa ( ATLpsy ) [Georgia]
5am KodeSix ( )[Montreal, Canada]
6am Virtual Light ( )[Ottowa, Canada]
7am Meta ( ) [Santa Barbara]
8am Lauryn ( 28th Day ) [New York]
9am DJKT ( Touch Samadhi ) [Illinois]
10am Saturnia ( Phoenix Family ) [San Mateo]
11am Paradigm ( / Maia Rec.) [Missouri]
12pm *Christine* ( Vaporvent Rec. ) [Santa Cruz]
1 pm Closing Ceremony Main Stage Shuts Down --- We Love You! ----