Hahn the Barbarian

Hahn's mind began making sense of electronic music in 1992 with the
acquisition of a home computer and the installation of Mechwarrior 2.  
In his early years, he developed an affinity for pop music and, through 
his interest in GI-Joe toys, he developed an acute case of Collector's 
Syndrome. This was a perfect foundation for the music enthusiast and 
collector that the psytrance scene knows today as Hahn the Barbarian.  
A sucker for nearly all types of electronic music (especially all hybrids 
of psytrance), he is primarily dedicated to high-tech sounds that reveal 
a prescient glimpse of the future.  While many of his sets are comprised 
mostly of the sounds in his playlist at the respective time, some of his 
favorite journeys have taken Hahn and his listeners through the realms of 
Dark Psy-tech, Organic Pro-tech, Aggro Full-on and Hyper-Neo.

Through a string of events and circumstances several years ago, Hahn 
met Dr. Bones and assisted him in laying the foundation for what is now 
Overmind Works.  Consistent practice and experimentation behind the mixer 
led to Hahn's realization of the label now worn by all music manipulators 
in the Overmind Works crew:  "Audio Navigator" ("AuNav" for short).

Ongoing projects for this Senior AuNav include mix CD collaborations 
with Nick Synergy and the conception and implementation of the "Audio 
Navigators" series of mix CDs, which will demonstrate the many areas of 
psytrance's diversity.

Hahn would like to extend his thanks and appreciation for the support 
of his listeners over the years and offers assistance to anyone attempting to 
track down any psytrance that they're just crazy about.