a Jay Eric

Jay Eric

Jay Eric’s obsession with Psy & Goa Trance was seeded by years of exposure to Goth/Industrial and 
Acid Techno aesthetics, and it was eventually brought to a self actualized fruition by hard partying 
to quality Goa sets by DJ’s Daniel & Treavor (Of Moontribe), Terminus, KJ, &Thee-O.

Some people across the pond say that Goa Trance died in 1997, and if that’s true, then Jay Eric was 
likely one of the first necromancers ready for the Lazarus routine in Arizona. He fondly remembers 
stumbling into Swell Records that year to find that the usually pathetically stocked Goa bin had by 
chance two LPs that changed everything for him: Darshan’s “Awakenings” & Hallucinogen’s “Lone Deranger”.

Providing assistance & support during the Desert Trance Society’s early renegade days, and later 
participating in the genesis of the Overmind WorksCrew in 2000, Jay Eric helped shock to life the 
Frankenstein monster that is the Arizona Goa/Psy Trance scene today.

Since relocating to Seattle Washington, and then to Houston, Texas, Jay Eric has continued to push the 
sound of full-on chakra-shuffling psy/goa trance, while also occasionally navigating through Down-tempo, 
Dub, &Psybient for the safe voyage back to terra-firma.