Graphic designer, music appreciator, philosophical expounder, promoter, sandwich go-getter.
This guy is a true "jack-of-all-trades". His love of electronic music goes all the way back 
to 1995 when he somehow found rave culture in the vast wasteland that was the mid-90's music 
scene. Thus began a love of all things associated with electronic music, leading him, 
ultimately, to a love of psytrance. 

For over five years, this man has dedicated himself to bringing the finest psytrance experience to 
Arizona. He's working hard to make sure each and every OMW event is the best time you will have until 
the next one. If you have any comments, suggestions, hate mail, offers of time or money, let him know
at the next event.

Favorite Quotes

"Every generation needs a new revolution."  ~Thomas Jefferson

"Don't take life seriously. You'll never get out alive."  ~Van Wilder

"Doing stuff is over-rated. I mean, Hitler did a lot. But don't we all wish he'd just
stayed home and gotten stoned?"  ~Donal Logue, The Tao of Steve

"I'm Bender, baby; please insert liquor!"  ~Bender B. Rodriguez

"I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here."  ~Anonymous

My top 5 desert island CDs

  • Scorb - Scorb
  • Cosma - Simplicity
  • Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
  • Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti
  • Freaky Chakra - Lowdown Motivator