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Psytrance Links

Saikosounds - Hong Kong record store - get your psytrance fix here.

Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy - keep up with psytrance around the world.

Isratrance Forums - keep up to date with what's going down, Worldwide.

Overmind Works on Tribe.net - come join our online community.

Psytrance Crews Worldwide

Mass Abduction Records - Tucson, AZ

Psytribe - Psytrance, L.A. style.

Green Sector - more SoCal Psytrance

Esoteric Generation - Psytrance, Arkansas style.

Touch Samadhi - Psytrance, east coast style.

Audio Gnomes - Psytrance, Wisconsin style.

Shiva Shakti & Friends - Psytrance, Texas style.

Chilluminati - Psytrance, Chicago style.

GoaHead - Psytrance, Ohio style.

Gaian Mind - Psytrance, Philly style.

Trance Psyndicate - Psytrance, Illinois Style

Metameme - Psytrance, Colorado style.

Psy Productions - Psytrance, Sonora, Mexico style.

Geomagnetic - Psytrance, International style.

This list is by no means definitive. Contact us if you would like to be listed here.

Local Favorites

Counter Culture Cafe

Mystic Jewell

The Paper Heart

Overmind News


Jaded Raver - I'm sure we've all felt like this at least once.