Moksha Mind

The newest member of the Overmind Works crew, Moksha Mind has been into 
electronic music since 1990.  Rob spent the early 90's weaving his way 
through many genres and styles of music including the early days of FAX 
records, dark ambient, and industrial. A natural progression in his 
musical journey was the discovery of goa trance through Doof's remix of 
Kode IV's "Near to the Divine" song in '96.

After spending many memorable years living in California, and exploring 
the formative years of the psytrance scene in the Bay Area in the late 
90's he found his way over to Arizona in 2000.  Upon arriving in 
Arizona, he looked for a like minded crowd of musical souls, but was 
unsuccessful.  Little did he know a small fledgling scene would soon be brewing 
that would come to be known as Overmind Works. 

Rob spent the next 5 years amassing a rather large ambient and 
psychedelic chill collection and started mixing on tape for his own amusment.  
Soon he was handing out a few mix tapes to friends who were interested 
and trying to spread the word about new and interesting music.  In 
early 2006, one of Rob's good friends from NYC, DJ Coral emailed about a 
party in the desert where Androcell was going to play.  This was Rob's 
first meeting with the OMW crew, and a welcome reunion with like minded 
party people.

Rob is a laidback psychonaut with a quirky sense of humor and a vivid, 
twisted imagination.  Current musical interests span the range of deep 
chill, dark ambient, experimental, atmospheric, ethno chill, 
psychedelic dub and inspired world beats of almost any kind.