Dionysus Pan Eros

Kyle Scanlan, aka Dionysos Pan Eros, first encountered electronic music as a
high school student in Norman, OK during the early 1990's.  He then began 
to regularly attend local Industrial/Electro and House/Techno club nights in
both the OKC and Tulsa area scenes.  He started collecting all genres of
electronic music he could find and soon decided to try his hand at DJing. 
While working a gig at a club one night, he met long time friend Greg
Carson, who a few years later would become known to Psytrance audiences 
as the DJ/Producer Phosphene, aka Ghreg On Earth.  Greg was also a local DJ,
and he greatly expanded Kyle's musical horizons, including introducing him
to Goa and Psychedelic Trance.

Kyle moved to Tempe, Arizona in 2000.  After becoming aware of the existence
of Overmindworks in early 2001 via a posting on the 604 list, Kyle met the
members of the crew and soon became a full fledged member himself.  He has
been involved in the gradual manifestation of the Overmind's vision ever since.

Kyle has been known to play a diverse array of music from his repertoire,
such as Industrial, Experimental, Dub, Downtempo, Psytrance, Drum 'n Bass,
Ambient, and Illbient, with a tendency for the wierd, dark, and obscure. 
His other interests/activities include magick/mysticism, ASC's, playing
guitar and musick production as a member of The Autopsy Report, as well 
as theoretical particle physics, in which he is currently seeking a Ph.D. 
at Arizona State University.