Symbiosis Gathering - September '06

The Ommies thoroughly enjoyed a weekend in the mountains of California. The music
was spot on, the environment was tranquil and relaxing, and the people were very
cool. Stay tuned for information on the next one.

Here are a few short reviews

...The music at this festival was amazing. I had hoped that at least half the 
headliners I was looking to see would show up. As it turns out, they all did. 
Friday night, Aes Dana kept the crowd enraptured. The trancers stomped so hard 
they broke through the dance floor. I even saw some tears in the crowd, the 
music was that beautiful. Following up with Manny was a perfect choice to keep 
the smooth chill beats flowing. The first track he played (I believe it was a 
track by Kuba) is still haunting my memory today. Saturday night was an explosion 
of psytrance madness the likes of which I had never before seen. This was the 
first time I'd heard Treavor Moontribe, and that's a shame. This guy had one 
of the tightest psytrance sets I've heard in a long time, and he was able to 
get the crowd really shaking. X-Dream rocked! There's no other way to state it. 
I had never seen them live before, and I was blown away with the energy created 
in the crowd by their set. And Ariel has to be the hottest front-chick ever 
(trumping both Shirley Manson and Deborah Harry). Ricardo threw down some wicked 
beats that kept the crowd moving right into Hallucinogen. Oh my god! No matter 
what kind of person he may be in person (and I heard some things that seem to 
indicate he can be less than friendly), Mr. Posford knows his trance! I kept 
moving and grooving through his entire set, despite the sharp pain setting in 
in my lower extremities. And even though he played the same song a couple times 
(different mixes), I still danced my ass off to both versions. Pixel was also 
amazing. As soon as he dropped that first track, the whole OMW crew in the immediate
vicinity erupted into mad, frenetic dancing. Hahn in particular dominated the 
trance floor through the whole evening. I felt sorry for the smaller people who 
happened to be standing in his path. Once the beat grabs him, he becomes an 
unstoppable machine of trance madness. Protoculture and Sun Control Species 
both tore up the field, but by that time the combination of direct sunlight 
and extreme weariness forced me back to base camp for some much needed R&R. 
Having the chill set in the afternoon by Ott made Sunday a great day. I got 
to hang out with Paul from GoaPlay, which was a very interesting experience. 
He is a genuinely good person, and he loves the music he brought us. Thanks 
to him and the rest of GoaPlay for promising and delivering a stellar show. 
I'd have paid double and not complained. 
Just upon entering the party I let go of this sigh of relief and felt a warming 
sense of comfort as I could feel the energy that was growing just from being 
around a large amount of like minded people with like intentions -AAAaahhhhh. 
"Family, I am home."  I first want to give a huge giant THANK YOU to all of 
the people who were apart of running the show and making it all happen.  
The energy that they put into the event was gleeming through every facet, 
and was a strong foundation for the event.  Each area had awesome decor that 
worked well with the music to help transport, transmute, and transform ourselves.  
I also want to thank all of the vendors who brought us their tastey treats, 
beautiful crafts, and crazy tripped out art.  The vendors definately bring 
in a market place feeling which makes it feel like even more of a little 
community.  And then there's the music - WOW!!!  Blue Tech, Shpongle, 
Hallucinogen, Ricardo, Goldie Locks, and many others who I can't name were 
on point, and rocked the party with their sonic delivery that blasted any 
sort of blockages or negativity out of my body.  They are true healers of 
sound, and the levels that I reach within myself through their beats go 
infinately.  It goes without saying for me that this party carried the best 
vibes with it.  The people were all so beautiful and high spirited yet still 
very grouded and true.  Everywhere I looked I felt like I was loved and 
appreciated, and everyone I looked at I felt love for, and I thought they 
were beautiful, and felt a real kinship towards them.  I thought it was 
crazy how we all looked like fairy tale creatures.  I saw so many fairies, 
and elves, and giants, and wizzards, and goddesses, and emperors, and witches, 
even a leprechaun!!!  I was so honored to share that experience with everyone.  
There was a lot of magic around that weekend.  It was really hard to come home, 
back to this delusional reality.  How about we all set up like that again, and 
just not leave?  HOw about we all come together and figure out a way that we 
can live that celebrates life and eachother.  A way of life that promotes 
humanism, peace, cooperation, co-creation, health.  It is the people like 
ourselves that have the drive and knowledge of how to make this happen.  
But til then, we will congregate at these events that are our version of 
church, and I look forwards to sharing the dance floor with you all soon. 
In Rhthym with the Infinite Divine~
Love Love Love
~ Kelley (trance priestess)

Click here for pics. Video for download Hallucinogen rocks the crowd Ommies rock out to Pixel Shpongle mellows out the trancers